As Dana made the shift from dancer to creator, the transition brought forth Dana Foglia Dance (DFD), an unsurpassed combination of innovative movement and fearless artistry. From the Alvin Ailey School to Beyoncé’s World Tours, the diverse integration of styles creates a substantial depth and breadth of revolutionary repertoire. The company originated in New York City and although currently based in Los Angeles, DFD performs worldwide. The company recently performed in the United States, Canada, Sweden, London, Switzerland and The Netherlands.


The DFD company has had the honor of performing with Beyoncé numerous times, under the direction of Dana Foglia, and they were first runner-up winners of the renowned A.C.E. Awards in New York City. As well as performing with Dana Foglia Dance, the members are also teaching worldwide. While every company member, individually, is an exceptional artist, the power, intensity and capabilities of DFD, collectively, is remarkable.


Dana Foglia has also created a thriving collection of intimate training programs to assist young artists with their development into professional dancers. Students from all over the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, Denmark, The Netherlands, Singapore, Japan and New Zealand, to name a few, have immersed themselves into the world of Dana Foglia Dance.

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